jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Arsenal and Liverpool show interest in Navas

Sevilla FC winger Jesus Navas has atracted Arsenal and Liverpool´s attention after his club failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League group stage.
His splendid World Cup campaign has boosted his options to be transfered to the Premiership, one of the most attractive and competitive leagues in Europe. Jesus Navas is a real whizkid and, in my opinion, deserves a lot of credit for Spain´s World Cup success despite the fact he just played a few games and frequently started from the bench. He is a man of pace and he is in a league of his own when it comes to this sort of football skills. I´d say he´s got more pace than Walcott, Wright- Phillips and even Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, in a way. He is a pure winger and has made it to the first team coming from Sevilla FC youth squad. Now Navas is a reference of the team and has made a name for himself.
Navas is a dribbler and his passes are so accurate. Also, the speed is one of his main strenghts. However I´d say it is still too early for him to move to other leagues such as the Premier or Calcio. The first argument I will use is that I believe he is still young and needs more club experience. He is a guy who has always lived in Seville, close to his family. Navas is a really particular footballer. He made himself unavailable to the Spanish national team, even though the coaches were dying for him to join the squad. Apparently he suffered from anxiety because of the pressure to leave his city and his team-mates and compete at international level. If he is lured by Arsenal or Liverpool he probably won´t live up to expectations failing to make an impact in his new challenge in the UK, just the way José Antonio Reyes did, precisely at the Emirates. Both players are cut from the same cloth.
There´s another reason for Navas to stay here. He is physically fragile and the Premiership is a really tough championship where defenders push quite hard to attackers. He will suffer there considerably more than here in Spain where the referees tend to protect attackers conceding fouls and stopping the game quite often. That´s why I would advice Navas to ask for a move, but within the Spanish La Liga, to either Real Madrid or Barcelona where he can play for silverware and where he can feel himself the pressure for winning titles. There´s no better way to mature.

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